Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek

Deira Creek


Explore Dubai on a Dhow Cruise

When you think of a vacation to Dubai you probably imagine vast deserts just outside of a dense, urban area. Although this perspective is an accurate one, there's also a unique waterway that divides the city. The Dubai Creek is a curved passageway that extends from the Persian Gulf and ends at a bird sanctuary. Along this creek are boats, trading posts and a great view of the city's inner workings. When you're ready to really explore Dubai, consider a Dhow Cruise along this beautiful creek!

Get on board of your Dhow Cruise

As you arrive at the dock, you'll be greeted by a wooden dhow that's native to these parts. It's outfitted with hundreds of string lights that light up the deck and immediate area. You can't help smiling when you arrive for the cruise! The dhow is also decorated in the strict Bedouin tradition. Bedouins were traditional, Arab nomads that roamed these areas in the past. The dhow is meant to reflect the life of a nomad as they would work their way across the land.

The Dubai Creek Tour

Hop aboard the authentic wooden dhow, referred to as Dolphin, as it rests in the port at Deira. This city center is known for its commercial businesses as tall buildings dot the land. When you come on board, you'll be greeted with Kahweh or Arabic coffee. As the vessel gets underway, you'll be able to see brightly lit buildings along the waterway. In fact, the entire route is colorful with varying hues painting business walls. The vessel takes its time as it floats down the creek, which allows you to see much of the city's ports along the way. After several hours, the Dolphin returns to Deira for a satisfying farewell. 

Dhow Cruise dinner

You can't explore the waterway with your mind and body without some energy so this cruise includes a huge buffet. After the cruise settles into its course, you can work your way across the salad, bread and entree buffets. Start out with chicken coleslaw, Greek salad or basic lettuce. Grab a bread roll and the soup of the day. Entrees are constantly changing, but they can include beef stroganoff, lamb chops and eggplant mousaka. Give your taste buds a treat with some of the local delicacies that are offered to every guest. Wash it all down with complementary water or soft drinks too.

The upper, outdoor deck can get warm any time of day or night so visitors are welcome to relax in the air-conditioned lower deck if they feel tired. A trip on a traditional dhow is meant to be exciting and relaxing during any cruise time.

Dubai Creek and traditional dhow vessels are a perfect combination of nautical fun and wonder. Get out on the water, and enjoy the surroundings as you float past them as a professional or interested tourist.

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