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See all Dubai's highlights with the Big Bus Tour

There is so much to explore in Dubai that you might be overwhelmed at the options. Luckily, sightseeing is incredibly simple by taking the Big Bus which you might have seen in other big cities as well. The Big bus tours are unique experiences where you can see the bulk of Dubai without getting lost on foot or in various cabs. Research where you want to explore when you touch down in Dubai, and the Big Bus will take you there!

Travel across three different routes with the Big Bus

Seeing the city from the confines of a taxi won't offer you much value on vacation, but the Big Bus makes sure you really get to see all the sights. The Big Bus makes 64 different stops along the three routes that it takes. The Marina tour gives you a chance to see the famous coastline along the Dubai Creek. Stop off at various points of interest as you feel the cool breezes on your shoulders. Some of the main attractions here include Pier 7, Marina Promenade and Mall of the Emirates. If the Beach tour looks more fascinating, enjoy a long trip along the Arabian Gulf. Don't miss some of the attractions along this trip, such as the Jumeirah Mosque, Burj Al Arab and Union House. The City tour takes you among the skyscrapers as you investigate the modern side to Dubai. Heritage Village, Dubai Mall and Dubai Fountain are all found along this route. You don't have to pick just one route either, but you can move between the Marina, Beach and City tours without losing any time.

Hop on and hop off whenever you like

If you've been on a bus tour before, the lack of freedom may have been concerning, but the Big Bus is a different type of tour. You have "hop on hop off" privileges as long as your ticket is valid and that means you can hop off the bus at any of the stops you like! The tours frequent the area at various intervals so you can hop onto the next bus and continue the tour when you desire. As a result, you can customize your trip at almost every stop. Keep a copy of the Big Bus's map with you in order to meet up with the vehicle at various times of the day. But if you don't want to hop off the bus the Big Bus still offers you a very comfortable ride. The Big Bus is outfitted with a double-decker configuration and for a spectacular view of the skyscrapers you can find a seat on the upper deck. You'll be able to stand up and take photos when the vehicle stops. If you're sun-sensitive, consider a seat inside the bus. You'll still have a prime view of the city as you gaze out of the window.

But the Big Bus offers more.....

Although your day may be full of exciting attractions, it's also possible to enhance your stay in Dubai with some inclusions offered by the Big Bus. Consider a night tour as part of your itinerary. The city lights come alive as you walk around on a guided tour. Locals will show you the best areas of Dubai as the night wears on. Alternatively, add a Dhow cruise onto your Big Bus ticket. This cruise takes you down the Dubai Creek, which is a wonder itself.

Feel like a local at the end of the tour!

Dubai is a jewel to be discovered when you have the Big Bus taking you to every main attraction. From Kite Beach to Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum’s House, you'll explore every inch of this city when you partner with Big Bus. You'll feel like a local at the end of the touring period!



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