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Dubai with Kids

Dubai: paradise for kids!

It's no hassle at all to take your kids with you to Dubai! Dubai is safe and has lots of facilities and attractions for kids. The public toilets on the beaches and the malls are clean and provide facilities to change diapers for the smallest ones. On the beaches you can buy toys to play in the sand and there are play areas for kids all around. In the malls you can hire strollers so that they kids don't have to walk all the time while shopping. And in Dubai kids can rent skelters and bikes to move around! In addition there are many attractions in Dubai for kids like theme parks and water parks, so Dubai is a true paradise with kids!

The best attractions with kids in Dubai

It is always hot in Dubai so what is more fun for kids than to visit a water park? The Aquaventure and the Wild Wadi water parks are the best known water parks in Dubai, but also the most expensive. Kids can enjoy themselves for hours with all the slides in these parks. They can also have a lot of fun in the slightly smaller but also cheaper Laguna water park. For kids up to twelve years old the Legoland Waterpark is a good choice. In front of the JBR beach there is a large inflatable play paradise located in the sea that also provides the a lot of water fun. In addition to the water parks there are also many theme parks in Dubai, which are great fun for kids. The theme parks can be perfectly visited during the heat, because most of them have attractions that are inside and airconditioned. At Dubai Parks & Resorts you will find several theme parks together: MotionGate, Bollywoods Parks, Legoland and Legoland waterpark and soon Sixflags Dubai will be added. When you stay at the Lapita hotel you usually get free access to all these theme parks and therefore it can be cheaper for families to stay in this hotel. You can also find the largest indoor theme park of the world in Dubai, IMG Worlds of Adventure. Access to the theme parks in Dubai is quite pricey but there are many offers available and there are special prices for kids. Opposite the JBR beach you will find two other attractions that are fun with kids: the Ain Dubai and Madame Tussauds Dubai. Read more on our page about attractions in Dubai for kids.

Hotels suitable for kids in Dubai

There is a huge choice of hotels in Dubai and in almost all hotels kids stay for free in their parents' room. If you have teenage kids that is not very convenient, but there are plenty of hotels offering family rooms with several bedrooms. In addition, there are many large and affordable apartments available in Dubai, where you can stay perfectly with kids. These apartments have multiple bedrooms and their own kitchen. One of the best locations in Dubai to stay with kids is the JBR beach and the nearby Dubai Marina. This is a lively area with a lot of things to do for kids and good public transport connections to all other attractions in Dubai. The Atlantis hotel and the Jumeirah Beach hotel are also perfect for kids, because guests get free access to the Aquaventure and the Wild Wadi water park during their stay. Finally, the beautiful Lapita hotel is a good choice if you want to visit the theme parks, because you have free access to them.

Eating out with kids in Dubai

Restaurants can be found anywhere in Dubai, but unfortunately they don't offer kids' menus at most restaurants in Dubai. That is why it is often best for the kids to share with their parents or share a dish together, which shouldn't be an issue as portions are often large. Restaurants prices in Dubai aren't cheap and therefore eating out every day can be expensive. It is cheaper to eat at one of the food courts in the shopping malls, but that is not the best setting. When you stay in an apartment you can cook yourself and buy your own food in a supermarket which can be found everywhere. Fast food chains such as McDonalds, KFC, Pizzahut, Five Guys, etc. are always popular with kids and can be found everywhere in Dubai.

A holiday in Dubai will be unforgettable for adults as well as for kids!

Attractions for kids

Dubai offers many family attractions that are great fun for all ages! Check them out here.

Museums for kids

Many museums in Dubai offer a special program for kids such as treasure hunts or games.

Hotels for kids

Children find most hotels boring. This selection of hotels in Dubai give them some special attention!

Day tours for kids

Due to the central location of Dubai, you can plan your family trip without having to travel too far.

Events for kids

Children will love the events in Dubai that are organized especially for them throughout the year.

Visit the beaches, enjoy the luxury hotels, shop till you drop and have fun in the exciting attractions! Explore City Guide Dubai to find out what's going on in Dubai!

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