Bluewaters Island Dubai

Bluewaters Island, Dubai


Bluewaters Island is a man-made island off the coast of the JBR beach and this island has to become one of Dubai's main attractions. The intention is that every year 3 million people visit the attractions, hotels, restaurants and shops on the Bluewaters island.

Attractions on the Bluewaters Island

You can't miss the biggest attraction of the Bluewaters Island, because you can see the Ain Dubai from afar. The largest Ferris wheel in the world offers a fantastic view of Dubai and the skyline of the JBR beach. In the evening you can enjoy the thousands of lights of the skyscrapers. If you don't find the Ain Dubai exciting enough, you can rope down from a platform in the middle of the Ain Dubai. At the foot of the Ain Dubai you will find another attraction, but for this one you need less guts: the Madame Tussauds Dubai. In this world famous wax museum you can take a picture with all the celebrities. Besides stars from all over the world, there is also room for local celebrities in the Dubai location.

Shopping and eating out on Bluewaters Island

On Bluewaters Island you will not only find popular attractions, but also many residential buildings, two five-star hotels and more than two hundred shops and restaurants. One of these hotels is the Caesar Palace hotel, a luxury hotel with stunning views of the Ain Dubai, several restaurants and a private beach.

A visit to Bluewaters Island can be perfectly combined with a visit to the popular JBR beach, because both are connected by a large footbridge.

Visit the beaches, enjoy the luxury hotels, shop till you drop and have fun in the exciting attractions! Explore City Guide Dubai to find out what's going on in Dubai!

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