Umm Suqeim Beach Dubai

22 Al Sagi Street, Dubai


Umm Suqeim beach, enjoy the sunset!

Umm Suqeim beach in Dubai is also known as Sunset beach, because you can enjoy the sunset with the Burj Al Arab in the background at this beach. Many people come to this beach to capture themselves with the Burj Al Arab when the sun sets. The Umm Suqeim beach is located right next to the well-known Jumeirah Beach hotel, including the large Wild Wadi water park. The beach is not very big, but it is very popular because of it's view and the turqoise water.

Facilities at Umm Suqeim beach

You can find several food stalles on Umm Suqeim beach, where you can buy ice cream, food and drinks and in the vicinity there are also a number of restaurants. The beach offers free Wi-Fi, locker rooms, showers and toilets, but you can not rent beach sunbeds and umbrellas. There is a playground for kids and a promenade with benches, where you can often find joggers. One of the special things about Umm Suqeim beach is that you can swim in the evening, which is not permitted on most of the beaches in the United Arab Emirates. There is a large light installation that illuminates the sea when it is dark and you can go up to 30 meters into the sea. At midnight the lights turn off and you are not allowed to swim anymore. Umm Suqeim beach has got a beach library, where you can borrow books for free to read on the beach or on the beanbags next to the beach library. After reading you return the books back to the library. Do you want to get a selfie with the Burj Al Arab on the back? Visit Umm Suqeim beach and get it done!

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