Wild Wadi Waterpark

Jumeirah Street, Dubai


Wild Wadi Water fun in the desert!

Although you might already enjoy a water view outside of your hotel window in Dubai, you might want more relief from the heat by visiting a water park. Wild Wadi Water Park is one of the most lush theme parks ever built, and you can discover it on your day off in Dubai!

Water Rides Galore

There are about 30 major rides in Wild Wadi water park that almost all ages can enjoy. In fact, about 13 rides are interconnected and this means that you don't have to hike far distances between rides. They're almost side-by-side in order to maximize your day in the sun. Take a rapid ride down the slides that are constructed at various angles. Drop at nearly a vertical angle, or slowly slide down a calmer ride as you enjoy the cool water beneath you. Kids will love the ring rides where you can remain by yourself or partner up with a friend. Drop down into huge bowls and bounce off of slide walls with the protective rings carrying you all the way.

Lazy River and Surfing

For the truly adventurous traveler, look for Wild Wadi's surfing section and hop on life-like waves as you try to stay upright. The waves come in different configurations every time so you'll have to keep an eye out for rogue swells. When you need some downtime, grab an inner tube and hit the lazy river. At more than 1,000 feet in length, the lazy river gives you a chance to relax and sightsee as Dubai floats past you. Don't forget about the play area reserved just for kids in the lagoon. Whether you have a toddler or school-age child, the lagoon has more than 100 toys, games and excitement for the little ones. You might spend all day at this lagoon where every experience is perfectly geared toward your child's interests.

Relax and have something to eat

The Dubai sun can be intense during the summer so keep your entire group cool in your very own cabana, which you can rent out for the day. You can pick their location too, including right by Wild Wadi's lazy river. Chairs, loungers and shade are all that you need to have a spectacular day by the water. And while you're having a rest you can also enjoy some food. You'll find all of your favorite treats to eat at Wild Wadi, from delicious burgers to refreshing fruit. Order some hot dogs for the kids as you try out a cool salad. Fried chicken, local delicacies and cold drinks are also on hand for your enjoyment. Explore the barbecue foods that are smoking almost all day, or simply order a pizza for the family.

Pay at Wild Wadi without cash

As an insider's tip at Wild Wadi, make sure to use their wristband system. Specialized magnets inside the wristbands actually "hold" money for your visitor account. When you want to buy something, including food or souvenirs, simply swipe your wristband. You won't have to drag around a wallet or purse with this purchasing system. Walk around the park with freedom and fun as your top priorities.

Free entry to Wild Wadi Water park!

With a shape that mimics a sailboat, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel is situated right by the water park. If you stay at this hotel, you already have free entry into the park. Consider this factor when you book your stay in Dubai. Bundling any services and lodging will always save you money.

Image - 17 Oct, 2018 -


" I have been there in September -2018. The water canals for amusement are good and they are intact. Long distance of fun which was the best part. The negatives to me is that, it was too expensive. Nothing included in the tickets, may be there was another package which including everything but I did not see it. Towels, lockers for your belongings, the phone cover, pictures. Especially pictures, they are shooting all the time while you are in the water and they are selling one picture from (160 AED) 40 Euro and that is just rip-off to me. Do not suggest to go on the Weekends (Friday and Saturday) because it can get packed and you may end up waiting long queues for anything you want to do. Over all it was fun but expensive."

Image - 14 Oct, 2018 -

Khan Jalil

" It's fun place to be at. Beautiful view of beach, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah areas. Full on rides. Friendly staff. Plenty of lifeguards all alert. Equipped with all the required items like safety jackets etc. Covered Parking facilities. Reach early and have fun swimming in tides, surfing, fun rides. Meals are provided inside if you pay with tickets. Locker facilities. Mosque (prayer rooms) available. Cool breeze releases the tension. You get peace of mind. All in all a best package for spending quality time with family and friends. Expect rush on Fridays."

Image - 12 Oct, 2018 -

Diyar Al Zubaidy

" Definitely one of the best water parks I have ever visited. The water park consists of many rides, most of them family ones, that you definitely will enjoy. There are also restaurants and a souvenir shop in the water park. Either you want to visit Dubai or just want to enjoy time with family and friends you must go to Wild Wadi to have a great time."

Image - 10 Oct, 2018 -

Arun Kumar

" Absolutely amazing fun. Best part for families is they get time to bond, very unlike other watermarks where most of the time is spend looking for each other. Food is amazing, they have the best hotdogs, pizzas, grilled chicken, Burgers, fresh watermelon, all mouthwatering. Sometimes I go to Wild Wadi just to eat. 😁😁😁"

Image - 01 Oct, 2018 -

Lady Ayer

" great place to unwind.. the rides, the water..all inviting..such a good place to cool down..the view?? closely situated to the grandiose Burj Al Arab..all perfectly designed to its own place..the downside on the other hand is that the food were a bit costly..i guess you pay for being in this place..the experience was however worth the price😊😊"

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