Ski Dubai

Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai


Ski Dubai: skiing in the desert!

It doesn't matter what time of year it is, you can enjoy powdered snow in the middle of the desert by visiting Ski Dubai. You'll always have a fresh snow layer when you visit this indoor ski area because the snowflakes are produced every night. Ski Dubai opened in 2005 and remains a popular attraction among tourists and locals alike. When you step into this nearly 74,000-square foot building, you're instantly transported to a brisk, mountainous region that's ready to be explored!

Skiing the Indoor Slopes

When you ski real mountains, you spend most of your time climbing to the top of each peak. At Ski Dubai, the fun runs are safely concentrated in one area so that you can maximize your daily skiing excitement. Adventurous skiers can try out the nearly 1,500-foot long run that's famous in these parts. There are four other slopes with varying degrees of difficulty to please almost any ski fan. Cruise down a fun-run tube, freestyle on a practice slope or try a blackout experience at Ski Dubai. There's something fun for all ages!

Dubai Ski Classes

If you've never skied before, your next vacation is a perfect time to try it out. Qualified instructors can help you out with a private or group session. Kids and adults are welcome in these classes where you'll experience a controlled environment as you gain some confidence on the icy slopes. Alternatively, try a snowboarding class. Surfing on the snow is a completely different experience from traditional skiing. If you'll be in Dubai for an extended time period, consider a ski school for the kids. They'll be masters of the mountain with many days of training under their belts.

Meet the Penguins of Dubai Ski

If you're an animal lover, meeting penguins on your next trip to Dubai is possible with several encounters offered by Ski Dubai. Think about how you want to enjoy your first meeting with these flightless birds. Meet the Emperor penguins with a group of other animal lovers, or choose a private encounter for yourself. It's also possible to swim with the penguins as you try to keep up with their agile bodies. Depending on the encounter choice, you'll also participate in a training session that makes you the leader of the colony.

Zip Line Above the Action

When you want a break from all of the action, try a zip line experience that places you 50 feet above the other skiers. Ski Dubai has several zip lines that take you a staggering 500 feet across the facility's interior roof. Also known as the Snow Bullet, this zip line gives you a chance at racing your friends because the wires are built in parallel to each other. With a sturdy, safety harness holding you tightly to the line, hoot and holler during your adventure while making incredible memories.

Shop and Eat in the Cool Weather

Everyone needs a break from all of the skiing excitement so fill up at the eateries located at Ski Dubai. The St. Moritz and Avalanche Cafes serve delectable dishes, including hot chocolate, for those growing appetites. Head over to the Snow Pro shop afterward when you need some supplies for the slopes. Because the facility is located at the Mall of Emirates, you can find almost anything you need within walking distance.

Visit the beaches, enjoy the luxury hotels, shop till you drop and have fun in the exciting attractions! Explore City Guide Dubai to find out what's going on in Dubai!

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