Legoland Dubai

Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai


Child dream becomes reality in Legoland Dubai

Which child did not grow up with the world-famous Lego blocks? With these brightly colored building blocks, children can build homes, cars or whatever they want in their homes for hours. How fun is it for children to walk around for a day in a world where everything is made of their favorite toys? And not only for children this is a pleasure. Also for every adult who has been busy with the blocks in his or her youth, this will be a pleasant reminder of the beautiful times.

Go on an adventure in Legoland Dubai

All these child dreams become reality in LegoLand. The very first LegoLand park opened its doors in Denmark in the sixties, as Lego is also a Danish company. Currently there are no fewer than eight Legoland parks worldwide. And since October 2016, one can also be found in the exotic Dubai. In few places in the world you will find as much entertainment and entertainment as in Dubai. Dubai is a country of extremes where you will find the largest building in the whole world and also the largest amusement park in the world. An adventure park like Legoland can not be missed here. So when you're done with sunbathing, shopping and admiring luxury hotels, go on an adventure in Legoland in Dubai.

What can you expect from Legoland Dubai?

When you visit Legoland Dubai, you certainly do not get bored. In the park you will find more than forty attractions, live shows, performances and roller coasters entirely in Lego theme. Legoland Dubai features indoor attractions as well as outdoor attractions, allowing you to enjoy the fun all year round. There are no less than fifteen thousand models in the park that are built entirely from Lego. In total, no less than 60 million Lego blocks have been used for Legoland.

The six components of Legoland Dubai

As you may be used to from theme parks, Legoland Dubai is also divided into different zones. You start your journey in Legoland Dubai in the Factory. Here you can make convenient purchases and buy your favorite Lego toys. Then you arrive in Lego City. Here you imagine yourself in the big city and you can for example take a ride in an electric car and earn your official Legoland driver's license or drive a plane. Then you enter the Imagination zone. Here you can enjoy yourself with Lego blocks. Build your own car and keep a race against your friends. You will also find towering attractions that offer views over the rest of the park. You can not miss the Kingdoms zone. Here you imagine yourself in the Lego Middle Ages. Need for action? Then go to the Adventure zone. Finally, there is Miniland where a Lego replica of Dubai's skyline can be found.

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