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A great water adventure in Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

There are several water parks in Dubai such as Legoland Waterpark, Wild Wadi and Laguna water park, but there is only one water park in Dubai that stands out and that is the Aquaventure Waterpark. The Aquaventure Waterpark is part of the famous Atlantis The Palm, one of the major sights in Dubai. This hotel owes its fame to its unique location on the edge of the famous Palm Jumeirah and its beautiful architecture. When you see the hotel for the first time, it looks like a giant palace from an oriental fairytale. Right next to the Atlantis hotel you will find the Aquaventure water park which is built in the same style.

The rides of Aquaventure Waterpark

One of the rides that makes the Aquaventure Waterpark unique is a number of rivers, on which you can float on tubes through the entire water park. The river 'The Rapids' has a length of more than 1.6 kilometers (one mile) and in every bend you get a new thrill of excitement and fun. 'The Rapids' is connected to the river 'The Torrent', where artificial waves are generated, which makes you feel like you are at sea. Aquaventure uses 18 million liters of water and to float the entire park along the rivers you will need 45 minutes.

In addition to these rivers, there are many water slides in Aquaventure. The Leap of Faith is a spectacular slide where you dive almost 30 meters down through a transparent slide surrounded by sharks and rays. At Poseidon's Revenge you take place in a capsule until the ground falls away below you and you slide down at 60 kilometers per hour. In the Slitherine you race next to each other in two super-fast slides to see who is fastest down. There are also a number of slides in Aquaventure where you have to slide down within a tube. There is the Aquaconda, the largest slide in the world, where you slide down with several people in a large tube. Also in the Zoomerango you share a large tube with several people and you are tossed back and forth between great heights. In the Shark Attack you slide down quickly in a single or double tube until you end up in a tunnel between the sharks. In the Neptune coaster you are driven forward in a tube on water jets before you reach the lazy river. Aquaventure offers various water playgrounds with small slides for the little ones and there is also a beautiful beach to recover from all the exciting slides!

Swim with sharks and feed the rays in the Aquaventure Waterpark

Aquaventure Waterpark offers some other great attractions in addition to the most exciting and adventurous waterslides. Aquaventure is the only water park in the Middle East where you can have encounters with animals from the sea. When you have a good dose of guts, you can take a walk at the bottom of a shark tank. With a diving helmet on your head you can swim between the sharks, which is a unique experience. When you have less courage you can feed the friendly rays that live in the Aquaventure water park.

Combine your visit to Aquaventure Waterpark

The Aquaventure Waterpark is located right next to the Atlantis hotel and it is fun to visit the hotel, but that is only possible if you are a hotel guest. The big advantage as a hotel guest is that access to the Aquaventure water park is complimentary. If you are not a hotel guest you can only visit the shopping gallery in the Atantis hotel. Here you will also find the Lost Chambers attraction, a beautiful aquarium. Outside the Atlantis hotel you have a magnificent view of the Atlantis hotel on the Boardwalk promenade where you can take beautiful pictures. Directly in front of the Atlantis hotel there are stops of the Big Bus Dubai and CitySightseeing hop-on hop-off buses and with a ticket of one of these attractions, you get free access to the Lost Chambers.

Image - 19 Oct, 2018 -

Stephen Price- Lyall

" One of the best water parks in Dubai, inside the Huge Atlantis hotel, it offers a large area for fun, with a huge poolside area for relaxing. People can grab inflatable tubes, single or double, and can jump into the current to get a quick water tour around the place, propelled by flowing water. There are several life guards present at intervals, for assistance, and the water body itself is quite exciting. A great place to spend a day. the best waterpark in Dubai because it also has access to a beach and the ocean. Go early to make sure you miss the queues and to get a good spot, it can get busy. If you you want to spend your day floating along the lazy river, being pulled up to rides without getting off your tube, you're at the right place. There are plenty of water rides, wave pools, and activities for the whole family/friends to enjoy. Or if all you want to do is find, a patch of grass, under a tree, to relax or have a snooze, even have a splash in the ocean, this place is just short of being paradise. You can't take in your own food and refreshments, so remember to take enough money. The food options are limited, with few healthy choices. What you'd expect from a fast food, canteen-style setup. Don't forget to take sunblock, otherwise they sell there but expect to pay a premium. There are also lockers (to keep valuables safe) and towels you can rent."

Image - 14 Oct, 2018 -

Milorad Radulovic

" I came here for the first time they told that it is an amazing park with a lot of slides water tunnels and beautiful beach, so I gave it a shot. When I came I was amazed it so nice and beautiful. Everything is organized and there are enough staff to help if you need anything or just want some information. Had a great time here definitely I will come back. Cheers!"

Image - 22 Sep, 2018 -

Olivier Kueny

" Great dolphin interaction, very entertaining, but we were not told the park was closing at 6pm, so we did not have time to use it. They should open at least until 8pm. Photos from dolphin interaction are way too expensive. They should offer a cheaper package for soft copies of the photos."

Image - 15 Sep, 2018 -

Lamide Kamau

" Such a fun place and lots to do! I went with a friend as we really wanted to visit after researching what to do in Dubai and it was amazing. We spent the whole day there, it's so big that you wont run out of stuff to do. If you go the week of your birthday check out the website as I got free entry because it was my birthday that week, not sure if it's something they still do though! But good fun and great for adults as well as kids. Also really clean which was a huge plus! Hopefully I'll get back to see the dolphins now I have a child to take."

Image - 06 Sep, 2018 -

J Jay Patel

" Amazing water park & great fun for all ages (some rides have height restrictions of 1.2m). We enjoyed it so much that we went there 3 times from opening time to nearly closing time. Most food/refreshment stalls only open after 1pm. Not a lot of options for vegan/vegetarians. Great buggy service from & to the Atlantis hotel."

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