Boxpark Dubai

433 Al Wasl Rd, Dubai


Boxpark: the hippest shopping mall in Dubai

Are you ready with standard shopping centers and more and more of the same? Are you ready for a place where you can shop, eat and relax that is young, new, hip and refreshing? Then you will definitely enjoy yourself at Boxpark, the hippest shopping mall in Dubai. The trendy interior on the outside betrays that Boxpark is not a shopping mall like everyone else. Why is this shopping center called Boxpark? Because the stores all consist of converted sea containers. This trendy shopping center is mainly aimed at young people and locals. Do you want to try something new? Then Boxpark is definitely worth a visit!

Which stores can be found in Boxpark?

Boxpark differs from other shopping centers in Dubai in the sense that it is less massive when it comes to shops. Where there are hundreds of stores in other shopping centers such as Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates, in Boxpark there are 'only' fourteen shops. Think of artistic boutiques and trendy brands such as Adidas, Nike, Toms, Atelier, OnePiece and Urbanist. Also located in Boxpark are The Zoo and Typo, where you can score trendy items to decorate your home.

Experience culinary adventures in Boxpark

Boxpark has more restaurants and cafes than stores, namely thirty. Here you can enjoy delicious local dishes and specialties, but there are also several restaurants where you can enjoy the rich flavors of Mediterranean cuisine. Do you prefer a burger? No problem, in Boxpark there are also enough places where you can get a good burger.

An intimate and unique cinema experience at Roxy Boutique Cinema

A day to Boxpark Dubai is more than shopping and getting something to eat. You can also visit Boxpark to relax and watch a movie at the trendy Roxy Boutique Cinema. In this extraordinary cinema you will not only find the latest blockbusters, but also arthouse films and documentaries. Sit back in the special plush seats. The cinema room looks different than you are used to. With lazy chairs like you would find in an old library, blankets, pillows and side tables, watching movies becomes a truly intimate experience.

What else is there to do in Boxpark?

Besides shopping in all sorts of hip shops, scoring delicious snacks and sitting back in the Roxy Boutique Cinema, you can also visit Beats and Cuts in Boxpark. This is a barber shop inspired by the American barbershop, which you can tell by the styling and the music being played. Do you want a haircut? Many celebrities have already preceded you, such as DJ Snake, Jay sean and French Montana. Especially for the ladies there is the beauty salon Nayomi, where you can find your inner princess. Pamper yourself with a haircut or a manicure and come out the door radiantly.

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