Christmas Dubai

25 Dec


Celebrate Christmas in Dubai!

When you think of Christmas you probably do not immediately think of Dubai, because you won't find a traditional white Christmas here. Still Dubai is a wonderful place to celebrate Christmas with many activities and beautiful weather. Would you rather celebrate Christmas on the beach than in the snow? In that case Christmas in Dubai is the ideal way to celebrate Christmas!

To the church during Christmas in Dubai

Most residents in Dubai are Muslim, but the city is very tolerant and there is also a large percentage of Christians. You can find plenty of churches in Dubai, where you can go to Mass on Christmas Eve. One of the largest Catholic churches in Dubai is the St. Mary's Church, where several masses are held in English during Christmas. This also applies to the St. Francis church in the south of Dubai.

Shopping during Christmas in Dubai

On Christmas Day all shops and shopping centers are open in Dubai just like every other day. This means that you can buy your last Christmas gifts on Christmas Day itself or go shopping for fun in one of the big shopping centers like Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates.

Eating out during Christmas in Dubai

Also the restaurants in Dubai are all open during Christmas, so there are plenty of options for a Christmas dinner. Many restaurants and hotels offer special Christmas dinners. A nice place to enjoy your Christmas dinner can be found at the bottom of the Burj Khalifa at the Dubai Mall. While having dinner at one of the restaurants along the lake you can enjoy the Dubai Fountain and the light show on the Burk Khalifa. Other nice places are the Souk Madinat and the Dubai Marina, where you will find many nice restaurants. If you prefer a Christmas dinner in the snow, you can go to Ski Dubai for a fondue.

Christmas activities and events in Dubai

During the first weeks of December, there are several Christmas tree lightning events in Dubai. One of the most popular places where this takes place is the Irish Village in Riverland Dubai, but there there are also events at the Souk Madinat Jumeirah and the Dubai Winter Festival. The Dubai Winter Festival is a fun event where you can experience the true Christmas atmosphere. During this long weekend you can visit Santa Claus, shop at the Christmas market, throw snowballs and enjoy live performances.

Visit the beaches, enjoy the luxury hotels, shop till you drop and have fun in the exciting attractions! Explore City Guide Dubai to find out what's going on in Dubai!

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