IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Dubai


Adventure time in IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai

IMG Worlds or Adventure Dubai is the largest indoor theme park in the world. It's not a surprise that it's located in Dubai because you can find many record breaking places and buildings in Dubai. The reason for building the largest indoor theme park is that i can get really hot in Dubai during the summer and most people don't prefer to spend too many hours in the open air. In IMG Worlds of Adventure you will stay cool and sheltered from the hot sun and you can safely walk around the whole day without burning.

More about IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai

Building this giant indoor theme park was not cheap, because one billion dollars was spent to on it. When you enter the park you will be impressed by the huge size. The theme park consist of 140,000 square meters in size, which equals twenty-eight football fields. There is room for twenty thousand visitors per day. The giant IMG Worlds of Adventure is divided into five different zones. In each of these adventure zones you will find many different attractions. When you enter the park you first visit the IMG Boulevard, where young and old find exciting attractions to entertain themselves.

Meet your favorite superheroes in the Marvel zone

Real superhero fans will immediately run to the Marvel zone of the park. Fight along with Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and Hulk against the biggest villains in the universe. For the smallest visitors there is a special spider man attraction.

Face to face with prehistoric monsters in The Lost Valley

If you're crazy about dinosaurs, you can indulge yourself in The Lost Valley. If you dare, go upside down in the nerve-racking Velociraptor. This roller coaster brings you to unprecedented heights. The younger visitors can enjoy climbing and clambering in the Adventure Fortress.


Imagine a cartoon in the Caroon Network zone

Which kid doesn't like cartoons? In the Cartoon Network zone of the park you can come face to face with your favorite characters, such as the Powerpuff Girls and the residents of Lazy Town. When you got hungry from all the attractions, you can take a seat in the CN Feast, where the whole family can take pictures with the nicest Cartoon Network stars and at the same time enjoy the delicious international cuisine.

Enjoy a unique movie experience in Novo Cinemas

Are your feet tired of walking around the colossal IMG Worlds of Adventure? Then there is nothing better than sitting back in a comfortable chair and enjoying compelling IMAX films. In cooperation with Novo Cinemas, IMG Worlds of Adventure brings you 12 large cinema halls, where you can recover after all the sizzling roller coasters and attractions.

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